Israeli Precision Ag Companies Lead in Water Use Efficiency, Ag Technology

In the last week, AgriHub, formed by farmers and consultants from Brazil, visited 10 Israeli agribusiness companies, including the Ministry of Agriculture, some ag tech startups, and the Volcani Institute, which is responsible for research in the country. It was an excellent opportunity to see agricultural innovations in Israel.

Even though it is a relatively new country founded in 1948, Israel has grown steadily in recent years due to investments in education and agriculture in the Kibbutzim, which are voluntary collective communities, and Moshavs, rural communities that combine privately managed farms and collectivization of services. The state has played an important role in the country becoming a world leader in agriculture, software, and other technologies.

Israel has the second highest startups in the world, behind only the U.S. as a high innovation environment. Companies like SupPlant and Taranis are offering innovative solutions within precision agriculture.

Israel has the second highest number of startups in the world, behind only the U.S. as a high innovation environment.

In agriculture, Israel has become very efficient in the rational use of water, whereby 80% of the water is reused and several solutions in desalination, reuse, control, and irrigation have been created. There are many Israeli companies making an impact on precision irrigation. For example, NETAFIM has become a global pioneer in drip irrigation in the agricultural segment.

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