2020 PrecisionAg® Award of Excellence Granted to Taranis CEO

By Precision Ag Alliance

“We’re particularly pleased that we have some younger individuals chosen as worthy recipients based on outstanding work over a relatively short period of time,” notes Paul Schrimpf, manager of the PrecisionAg Alliance and coordinator of the annual awards program. “There’s a new generation bringing fresh energy to the technology movement in the industry, and that’s exciting to experience.”

Award winners were nominated by industry peers via a five-part essay, and were selected by an independent panel of technology experts from all the nominations submitted.

Crop Adviser/Entrepreneur Award

Ofir Schlam, Co-Founder and CEO, Taranis

Ofir Schlam, Co-Founder and CEO, Taranis

Ofir Schlam, Co-Founder and CEO, Taranis

Schlam is a 4th generation farmer, software developer, and computer science expert who merges his background in farming and tech to create precision agriculture technologies.

With Taranis, Schlam has facilitated the technological advancement and distribution of precision farming globally by developing an innovative “digital agronomist” system that sees and analyzes fields at scale and at a depth level that humans cannot.

Under Schlam’s leadership, Taranis has grown from a 3-person garage start-up to a 100-employee company with 17 offices globally, 19,000 customers, 20 million acres of land under management, and $30 million in funding. His vision of how precision agriculture can improve farming worldwide has motivated a range of industry players to hop on board.

More than 60 world-class agronomists have combined their expertise on crop health and proper treatments onto the Taranis platform. Sixteen of the world’s top 20 agricultural retailers – including Wilbur-Ellis, John Deere, BASF, and ADAMA – have partnered with Taranis to make their tech available to agricultural businesses worldwide.

He has secured partnerships with three key organizations: Stratus Imaging, which brings specialized imagery services to Australian farmers; Climate Corp, to provide field photos for crop health analysis; and John Deere, through participation in its Startup Collaborator. Schlam oversaw the acquisition of Mavrx, to provide plane-level imagery. Through Schlam’s vision and leadership, industry players are uniting to spread the value of precision agriculture worldwide.

His Taranis platform combines three visual layers, and its deep learning then uses advanced mathematical models and computer vision to analyze images against Taranis’ database of over 1 million crop health issues (pest infestation, disease, weeds, nutrient deficiencies, etc.) to generate reports of matters affecting yield and perform tassel counts that accurately estimate yield to streamline operations for harvesting.

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