Ofir Schlam: From Garage Startup in Israel to Global Player in Precision Ag

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In just five years, Ofir Schlam helped take Taranis from a three-person garage start-up in Israel to what is today a global force in precision agriculture.

A digital agronomy solution that combines AI with ultra-high-resolution field imagery to identify and analyze crop threats at the earliest stages and prescribe precise treatments, Taranis is now a 100-employee company based in Silicon Valley with 17 offices globally, 19,000 customers, 20 million acres of land under management, and $30 million in funding. Read more HERE


About Taranis:

Taranis is the world’s leading AI-powered crop intelligence platform for agribusiness. It leverages AI and machine learning, high-resolution aerial, satellite, and drone imagery, and deep agronomic know-how to allow crop advisors to make better, more informed crop management decisions. Since starting in 2015, Taranis has worked with the world’s top agricultural retailers and crop protection companies, monitoring millions of acres for customers in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, and Australia. Taranis employs over 80 people worldwide and is headquartered in Westfield, Indiana.

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