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Tomorrow’s grain rows, vegetable fields, and specialty crop groves will be much busier places than the relatively passive acreage of yesterday. On the surface, sensors built into crops will signal soil conditions; digital irrigation systems will precisely direct water streams; and robotic guardians will pull weeds. In the air above, satellites and drones will photograph plants with enough precision to count the spots on a ladybug’s wing. In the soil below, new wonders of botanical manipulation and digital information will optimize available nutrients, elevate plant performance, and store results…

Some Digital Tools Gain a Foothold

…Digital tools that can help farmers deal with the here and now have been adopted the most quickly. For example, Taranis provides drones that take ultra-high-resolution photos to help farmers assess what’s happening in their fields at the leaf-and-stem level. Then Taranis applies AI and machine learning to identify the success of fertility initiatives, the locations of weed breakthroughs, the effects of nutrition deficiencies on plants, and the extent of defoliation by pests or weather conditions…Read more HERE


About Taranis:

Taranis is the world’s leading AI-powered crop intelligence platform for agribusiness. It
leverages AI and machine learning, high-resolution aerial, satellite, and drone imagery,
and deep agronomic know-how to allow crop advisors to make better, more informed
crop management decisions. Since starting in 2015, Taranis has worked with the
world’s top agricultural retailers and crop protection companies, monitoring millions of
acres for customers in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, and
Australia. Taranis employs over 80 people worldwide and is headquartered in Westfield,

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