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From seeds to trees: these Israeli startups are helping crops grow smarter

As our climate becomes less and less predictable from the human perspective, farmers require technological intervention to maintain a healthy field. These Israeli startups may offer the solutions…

Taranis is looking at crop management from different perspectives overhead. At the highest point, it employs satellite imagery to measure the entire field. It then zooms in to 8cm ultra-high resolution (UHR) to identify plant zones in need of attention. Lastly, AI², compatible with drones or small aircrafts, measures on the 0.3-0.5mm level to focus on specific leaf activity. Taranis allows for farmers to identify early signs of crop deterioration and make decisions based on the advice provided.

The startup was founded in 2015 and is currently led by CTO and Co-Founder: Eli Bukchin, President and Co-Founder: Ofir Schlam, CEO: Bar Veinstein, and COO and CFO: Opher Flohr. Last year, the Israeli agtech startup raised a $30 million Series C, bringing the company’s total raised capital to $60 million to date. In more recent news, Taranis has moved its headquarters from Tel Aviv to Indiana…Read more HERE


About Taranis:

Taranis is the world’s leading AI-powered crop intelligence platform for agribusiness. It
leverages AI and machine learning, high-resolution aerial, satellite, and drone imagery,
and deep agronomic know-how to allow crop advisors to make better, more informed
crop management decisions. Since starting in 2015, Taranis has worked with the
world’s top agricultural retailers and crop protection companies, monitoring millions of
acres for customers in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, and
Australia. Taranis employs over 80 people worldwide and is headquartered in Westfield,

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