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“Technology has big role to play in making agriculture climate-smart”

For centuries, farmers in India could count on groundwater to irrigate their fields. That has changed dramatically just in the past decade as the water table dropped and farmers found themselves paying to irrigate their fields…

…Speaking on the same panel, Ofir Schlam, President of Taranis, an Israeli precision farming startup, said he has seen climate change disrupt the traditional agricultural calendar, meaning farmers can no longer rely on past practice to plan their planting cycles. Increased anomalies in humidity and temperature also contribute to pest infestation and disease, adding to challenges for farmers.

“Every year is a special year,” said Schlam. “Every year you really need to keep track of the soil, temperatures and precipitation and you might be able to plant the month before you are used to.”

Taranis employs high-definition aerial drone imagery and data analysis to monitor and intervene to prevent the progression of problems like weeds or disease. With more precise measurement, farmers could deliver just the right amount of water, fertilizer, pesticide and herbicides to the areas that need them, reducing the amount of wasted resources and increasing productivity, Schlam said.

While precision agriculture promises to reduce indiscriminate use of water, fertilizer and pesticides, intensive efforts are also being made at the start of the agricultural chain, namely seeds…Read more HERE

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