Why Technology of Tomorrow May Already be Operating in Some Fields Today

Taranis precision ag tools

Another Midwest-based ag tech company is Taranis. Based in Indiana, Taranis works with ag retailers to use precision technology and drones to scout fields.

“We bring insights, actionable leaf level precise insights, from their fields to their mobile app or to their computer in ways where they can actually just take action,” says Mike DiPaola, Chief Commercial Officer, Taranis.

While Taranis isn’t necessarily new, it’s an ag tech company that is growing and finding its stride by moving to the Midwest. DiPaola says by using aerial imagery and artificial intelligence driven technology, the Taranis platform can cover more than 100 acres in just six minutes.

“We can do it at sub millimeter resolution, which means you can act on it, our deep learning with artificial intelligence and computer vision. While it’s not all new, it gets better every year. We have over 50 million images at high resolution,” he says.

While Taranis says the tool is helping farmers, it’s also easing some of the scouting pressure on ag retailers today, as those retailers are also diving into the digital evolution in ag while continuing to search for the skilled labor to do so.

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