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Bar Veinstein CEO of Taranis
Bar Veinstein, CEO, Taranis Ag

Since time immemorial, information and estimation have been vital to farming. Insights about soil condition, weather, irrigation patterns etc., and predictions about crop loss and nature’s uncertainties and vagaries were crucial at all stages. As agriculture modernizes with the demand for enhanced productivity, efficiency, and lower emissions, information needs to be real time, precise, and more reliable than ever before. This is where using a host of advanced technology solutions to enhance yield comes into the picture.

Taranis Ag is among the leading AgTech companies that blends satellite imagery, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning with agronomy expertise to provide advice and crucial insights to farmers. Founded in 2015, Taranis has offices in the U.S., Israel and Brazil. It has a large network of partners and clients in multiple countries.

“Precision agriculture is all about imparting actionable knowledge to farmers and their advisors to make sustainable decisions. Earlier, farmers simply made decisions based on prior experiences and learnings. Precision ag allows them to determine exactly what is needed when and where”, says Bar Veinstein, CEO, Taranis Ag in an interview with Geospatial World.

Taranis is, in a way, redefining agronomy with the help of AI, satellite imagery and precise data-based insights and analytics. Tell us more about your solutions and how do they benefit cultivators? Also, who are some of your main partners and customers?

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