Mother Nature Proving to Have Cold and Wet Feet this Planting Season

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April showers usually bring May flowers – and planters rolling across the Midwest – but not this year. According to this week’s USDA Crop Progress and Condition report, corn and soybean planting progress fell further behind the five-year average pace again this week as cool and wet conditions continue to keep farmers out of fields across large portions of the corn belt.

“Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan are 13% or more behind the five-year average, which is unbelievable,” said Katie Staton, Taranis’ eastern corn belt customer success representative. “It feels like we are in February right now with the amount of rain and cold weather we’ve been experiencing. Guys are itching to go and might be trying to push the envelope a little bit right now.”

But, Staton added, that is the beauty of Taranis.

“They can be go-getters and as soon as farmers can roll, so can Taranis, ensuring our farmers are managing those early acres appropriately,” Staton said.

Despite the slow start to the planting season, Staton says Taranis growers are excited and encouraged for the upcoming growing season.

“This is what we’ve been preparing for,” Staton said. “From uploading field boundaries to adding growing season plans and setting planting information, our customers can’t wait for the first flight mission to be able to really see what is happening on every acre of their operation.”

For those who have been on the fence about signing up with Taranis and feel like they are missing out, Staton added it’s never too late to access the benefits Taranis provides.

“If you’re still thinking about signing up your acres, we are flexible,” Staton said. “Our operations team’s GDU based flight model allows timely, seamless, and accurate flights to capture the data that matters most to growers.” 


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Read the full Crop Progress report from USDA here:



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