20-inch Trouble?

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Recent Taranis insights uncovered some unsettling imagery we can all learn from. This particular field was planted in 20-inch row spacing.

“…20-inch row spacing in corn has shown to provide a comparable yield and even a yield advantage to the typical 30-inch row spacing. If narrow row spacing is feasible, there could be benefits for both corn and soybean yields, as well as benefits for weed control and soil moisture retention. Narrow row spacing will require alterations to existing equipment or alternative methods for harvesting and possibly pesticide applications.” Iowa State University

  1. Taranis population bubble-view showing low stand counts in certain areas.

  2. Looking through the insights, you can see portions of the stand count that have been run over by tires from field equipment. This has taken place after planting and at a point in the corn’s growth where it will not rebound and be productive.

  3. The corn is planted in 20 inch rows, so it’s very likely this type of damage has happened throughout the field to some degree. 

  4. Taranis Macro-view image gives a bigger picture example of other spots where the crop was affected by equipment tires in various places throughout the field.

  5. Planting in 20″ rows vs. 30″ rows can yield about 7% higher. However, this return may not show due to the amount of crop that has been crushed.


Could the retailer have given a better pre-emergent herbicide or different method of applying inputs like N; thus not having the need to drive through after the crop has emerged? Could the retailer have saved 2-5 bushels per acre by recommending a change to narrower tractor tires?


Supporting source: https://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2018/03/corn-row-spacing-considerations#:~:text=In%20conclusion%2C%2020%2Dinch%20row,control%20and%20soil%20moisture%20retention




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