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Taranis is led by a vision to bring precision and control to the agriculture industry across the world, helping growers to maximize and stabilize yield from their crops.

We create full visibility throughout the field at leaf-level precision, through high-resolution aerial surveillance imagery. Our leading precision agriculture intelligence platform uses sophisticated computer vision, data science and deep learning algorithms to generate granular insights for the prevention of crop yield loss from diseases, insects, weeds, and nutrient deficiencies.

Overseeing millions of farmland acres across the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine and Australia, Taranis monitors high volume commodity crops, accounting for 70% of the global crop market and gives farmers the tools to address issues in real-time.

Taranis was founded in 2015 by Ofir Schlam, Assaf Horowitz, Eli Bukchin and Ayal Karmi, introducing innovative technologies to increase output in food production. Soon after, Amichay Gornik joined the founding team with the additional ground-breaking technologies enabling Taranis to create unique aerial imagery at submillimeter resolution that completes the solution offered today.

The remarkable feedback from the industry is summarized by our CEO and co-founder, Ofir Schlam, explaining that often when Taranis demonstrates its services to farmers in their fields, “they’re amazed at a picture of a beetle chewing on a leaf and ask, ‘Wait a second, was that taken from a plane?’ They then call all their staff to come over and take a look.”

Taranis is made up of a diverse team of agronomists, AI experts developing unique image recognition algorithms, as well as the best engineers, developers and UX experts, to create a flawless experience to all farmers using our products.

To date, the company raised over $30M from leading VC investors.


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