Author: Ofir Schlam

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Monitoring crop emergence during COVID-19 pandemic

What does the COVID-19 pandemic mean for farming? No pressure, but it means that this year’s crop is more critical than ever. There is already …

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How Technology Is Transforming the Farming Workforce and Why It Matters During a Global Pandemic

  Ofir Schlam Taranis, CEO & Co-founder   Like virtually every sector of the global economy,  the agricultural sector finds itself battered by the global …

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While weeds have been resisting herbicides since the mid-20th century, recent decades have seen the problem get worse. - Photo: Hans Prinsen BlogOptional

Developing custom plans for pesticide-resistant weeds

  Ofir Schlam Taranis, CEO & Co-founder   The future of farming lies in customized weed treatment. For farmers, it’s an all-too-familiar problem: To protect …

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Precision Agriculture Platforms Promise to Bring Major Advances in Seed Selection

Plagued by tight profit margins amid climate change, a volatile global trade environment, falling commodity prices, and increases in costs for seed, fertilizer, and chemicals, U.S. farmers face a …

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