Ultimate ag-imagery solutions

Taranis offers the ultimate ag imaging based on its proprietary technologies UHR & AI2 that offer a unique synergy. The first step is UHR to prioritize stressed areas that need more attention. Taranis UHR captures multispectral imagery over fields using a proprietary imaging pod at 8-12cm resolution. To perform that in scale Taranis employs a network of over 60 light aircraft able to cover 50,000 acres per day each. The second step is using AI2 – the first aerial scouting platform equivalent to field scouting. Based on priorities from UHR, the AI2 is deployed to classify and analyze exactly what’s wrong in each acre. It does that through taking pictures of the crop at 0.1mm per pixel – we can count beetles on the leaf! And then each picture is analyzed by our deep learning engine that acts as an automated agronomist to assess plant health and quality. Our deep learning engine use bleeding edge math models and hardware platforms on the cloud and has been trained by over 60 expert agronomists providing more than 1,000,000 examples of crop health issues.

Plant Population

Using our AI2 technology, we can report plant population to farmers, regardless of growth stage of the crop. Just finished planting? We can detect the position of each plant to calculate plant emergence, row spacing, row length and even compare the data to the planting date. Are you mid-season? We can calculate canopy cover, plant height, stand count and even show you average tree diameter, flower count, and much more.

Weeds Early Detection

Taranis can detect when a weed emerges in the field and constitutes a potential threat to the yield and then classifies it. This type of alert allows Taranis to target specific weeds by species and can help to create tailored herbicide solutions. The solution can also be used post-herbicide application to detect the efficacy of the application and recognize resistant weeds that are left in the field.

Field Health

At Taranis, we can calculate the amounts of nutrients in vegetation, the water content in the soil, plant temperature and much more. We help farmers keep track of the field’s health, detect subtle changes and act before they affect their crops.

Insects And Disease Treatment

Taranis can identify and categorize the top relevant diseases for prevalent crops in our areas of operation. In addition, the model can detect physical damage to the foliage caused by known insects and pests, thus providing an alert mechanism to detect adverse field conditions very close to their originating periods while sampling the field extensively (this is very costly and time consuming for traditional scouting practices).

Growth Problems

Our platform can analyze images, taken in proximity to sowing time, in order to detect growth irregularities while there is still time to resow or to correct the underlying problem. As with the disease model, the extensiveness of the coverage of the field enables a field-wide assessment.

On-demand Imagery

To deliver remote sensing at scale, Taranis recognized the need to monitor the entire sky over the farmlands and for that purpose has developed a system called FOCS which automates flight planning and route optimization for a network of 3rd party pilots whom it contracts through a “gamified” iPad app. Today 19,000 farms put regular on-demand imagery orders for flight according to date range or growth stage. The ultra-high resolution, whole field imagery is used to build zones for scouting and conversion into machine-ready prescriptions.

Smart Field Scouting

Taranis app is the best tool for data collection and integrated threat management in the field. Taranis detects problematic hot spots and prioritizes them for further investigation. Scouts then use a mobile app that directs them to these locations. The scout fills a crop-specific report and the agronomist or farm manager can view and analyze the reports, photos, voice memos, and areas of interest for evaluating crop status, straight from the Taranis dashboard and decide on a plan of action. The analysis makes it easy to see infestation levels, trends, action thresholds and even decide on more localized treatment applications.

Actionable Insights

For producers and service providers, it is not enough to have threat data, they need to know how to act on them. The real power of image data comes from actionability. Converting image data into field events such as scouting and sampling has never been easier with Taranis’ integrated platform and mobile app workflow. The thoughtful hierarchy structure enables permissions to be set and monitored easily so that your customers and internal personnel see exactly what they need and nothing more. This keeps everyone focused and employs best in class data security. Taranis’ platform streamlines the image data workflow, allows for complimentary data sources to be leveraged, and is supported by an eager customer support team.

All Information Combined

Taranis not only provides image capture capabilities but feeds all imagery into it’s full analytics platform that farmers, ag retailers, seed and chemical input manufacturers can license to provide and implement well informed crop treatment recommendations. The image capture abilities are combined with physical field reports, weather sensors, and many other information layers, that combined, provide the most accurate report of farm status at all time.

Task Management

Instead of calendar, whiteboards, notes and paper schedules, Taranis gives your team an easy to use task manager that is integrated in your workflow. Designate tasks and activities to any field, categorize tasks and avoid conflicting operations, assign to any employee. You can then view task history, and current task status. When you plan a future task, you immediately get feedback if weather conditions are favorable or not.

anywhere, anytime

The Taranis dashboard is accessible from any computer no matter where you are. Take just a few minutes every day to “monitor in a glance”. Using the dashboard the farm manager, agronomists and consultants can see history and all relevant data as layers on our GIS(Geographic Information System) map. It is your personal planning, monitoring and control center for your farms. An intuitive display to transform data into decisions. Look at specific details by selecting layers when they are needed: weather, tasks, scouting, satellite imagery with indexes like (NDVI – Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), sensors, traps, current aerial images, growth stages and reports.

24/7 Customer Service And Team Of Agronomists

As part of the Taranis services, we provide 24/7 customer support, with offices spread worldwide, and in each location we have teams of local agronomists and consultants, specialising on the crops and soil of each area.

Air Scouting

Introducing a new and revolutionary way of scouting fields, Taranis created the multi-layer air scouting. Users can detect a problem by using satellite images, and select specific fields in the need of UHR whole field 8cm imagery, and from there detect specific areas of the field which need to be photographed by AI2 planes. This time saving alternative to classic field scouting provides a much better field coverage at a fraction of the time. In order to cover a 100 acre field, with 5-10 scouting points, it would take a “traditional” scout over 5 hours, while the Taranis air-scouting takes under 5 mins to cover the same field, resulting in over 100 different through scouting points! AI2 scouting densities range between 1 and 2 images per acre. A much higher density than can be achieved with traditional scouting.

Crop-specific Management Plans

At Taranis, we not only provide the ultimate ag-imagery solution and the ability to gather data about fields, but also assist producers and service providers to plan the best ROI plan for their specific crops. Producers and service providers can plan their entire season based on the Taranis models for early detection, and be sure that any threat on their farm will be detected and treated.


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