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Get More with Taranis Precision Scouting

Allows more time for face-to-face interaction with customers

Maximizes operational bandwidth

Scout more acres with greater speed and accuracy

Prioritizes fields that need attention

Creates efficiencies for crop advisors

Precision Scouting

Taranis precision scouting combines unmatched imagery, artificial intelligence and real-time threat alerts to give scouting operations a competitive edge. With multiple flights through the season, the Taranis platform allows crop advisors to scout more acres, more quickly, with more accuracy and understanding, than ever before.  The payoff, maximizing plant health, producing more yield and generating higher profitability for growers.

Unmatched Imagery

Coupling state-of-the-art and high-res image capture technology with satellite data, Taranis precision scouting allows crop advisors to visualize whole fields and identify pest and crop health issues at leaf-level accuracy all season long.

Comprehensive Intel

From stand counts to pest identification to crop health indicators, Taranis precision scouting enables more informed, timely replant and crop management decisions.  Powered by an ever-growing database of more than 50,000,000 crop health issues, Taranis SmartScout™ technology combines field reports and information layers to continually monitor field health trends.  By pinpointing challenges, growers can manage their crops with more accuracy and focus for greater returns at harvest.


With more insights per acre than any other platform, Taranis precision scouting delivers comprehensive and easy-to-digest intel via real-time reports and threat alerts.  Whether on desktop or mobile, Taranis CONNECT allows users to prioritize what fields and customers need immediate attention.  From the extremely seasoned scout to a rookie, Taranis precision scouting drives more consistent and better service of every acre.

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