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Taranis Drone Scouting BlogBOLETIM DE IMPRENSA

Taranis recebe aporte de US$ 30 mi para liderar análise de imagem

Veja a cobertura da mídia: Ag Evolution EUA e Brasil já são os maiores mercados da agtech israelense que visa larga escala do serviço A …

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taranis-makes-push-to-disrupt-australian-ag Blog

Taranis Makes Push to Disrupt Australian Ag

Much has happened since we last spoke with Taranis in the fall of 2018. Since raising $20 million in Series B funding, the Israeli smart farming start-up …

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the-hottest-startups-in-tel-aviv-in-2017 Blog

The hottest startups in Tel Aviv in 2017

Deep links with the US market and expertise from Israel’s defence industry make Tel Aviv a startup powerhouse Silicon Wadi – as the tech hub …

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startup-israelense-investe-no-brasil-e-lidera-revolucao-digital-na-agricultura BlogBOLETIM DE IMPRENSA

Startup israelense investe no Brasil e lidera revolução digital na agricultura

Agritech foi contemplada com investimento de fundo parceiro global da Microsoft; machine learning é utilizado para prever o clima e detectar presença de pragas Para …

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israeli-precision-ag-companies-lead-in-water-use Blog

Israeli Precision Ag Companies Lead in Water Use Efficiency, Ag Technology

In the last week, AgriHub, formed by farmers and consultants from Brazil, visited 10 Israeli agribusiness companies, including the Ministry of Agriculture, some ag tech startups, and …

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netanyahu-se-reunio-con-empresarios-argentinos-tpanoticias BlogNOTÍCIAS

Netanyahu se reunió con empresarios argentinos | #TPANoticias

Emitido por TV Pública Argentina, el miércoles 13 de septiembre de 2017. y

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agricen-and-taranis-awarded-grant-to-advance-crop-abiotic Blog

Agricen and Taranis Awarded Grant to Advance Crop Abiotic Stress Detection and Prevention – EconoTimes

FRISCO, Texas and TEL AVIV, Israel, Feb. 13, 2018 — Agricen, an industry leader in plant health technology, and Taranis, a leading precision agriculture company, have received …

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drones-in-the-air-and-sensors-in-the-ground Blog

Drones in the Air and Sensors in the Ground: How Israeli Farmers Plan to Feed Billions

In order to increase output in food production, Israeli farming is adding new innovations to its current list of drip irrigation and cherry tomatoes …

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precision-farming-startup-taranis Blog

Precision farming startup Taranis gets $20M Series B for its crop-monitoring tech – TechCrunch

Taranis, an ag-tech startup that uses aerial scouting and deep learning to identify potential crop issues, announced today that it has raised a $20 million …

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1.7301440 Blog

הזוכה בתחרות הסטארט־אפים אטלס 2019: חברת האגרוטק טראניס

טראניס (Taranis) היא הזוכה הגדולה בתחרות חברות הסטארט־אפ אטלס 2019. טראניס פועלת בתחום החקלאות המדייקת (Ag–Tech), תחום צעיר שמציע כלים לשיפור היבולים. טראניס, המעסיקה 80 …

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