Making an Impact

Environmental. Social. Governance.

Taranis is committed to driving sustainable and prosperous impacts for our stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors, and those in the ag communities in which we operate.

We are aligning our business practices with Environmental, Social, and Governmental (ESG) standards consistent with our vision of a technology-enabled, sustainable agriculture industry. Our report provides an overview of the company’s ESG program and practices and highlights the progress made to date.

At Taranis, we serve an important purpose: creating opportunities for sustainable and enduring prosperity starting in our local communities and for the benefit of the world.

Bar Veinstein
Chief Executive Officer

2022 ESG Highlights

Improving Environmental Impact & Food Security

Innovative solutions like Taranis allow farmers to increase
productivity and profitability potential while demonstrating the good work and practices they use to ensure a safer and healthier environment.

Our crop intelligence solutions use artificial intelligence (AI) and remote imaging technologies to automatically detect crop threats. Insights enables farmers to:

  • Increase crop quality and yield
  • Maximize efficiency of fertilizers
    and crop protection inputs
  • Strengthen global food security &
    increase nutritional quality
  • Preserve soil health and minimize
    adverse environmental impact


Supporting the Adoption of Regenerative Ag Practices

Farming practices that improve soil health and reduce carbon emissions are increasingly being used by growers. However, building a scalable and economically feasible carbon program remains a challenge worth addressing.

Taranis is developing a practical carbon verification and estimation service, designed to help growers get easier access to subsidies and unlock new revenue opportunities.

Our solution connects growers and advisors to the carbon market based on sound soil organic matter insights, at the leaf and field level.