Satellite imagery

Taranis images fields twice a week in-season and offers 8 years of historical data for any field in the world, with differentiated analytics to measure plant biomass and chlorophyll content levels, ground temperature and much more.

Ultra-High Resolution (UHR)

“Whole field” imagery with 8cm resolution to identify field zones in need of attention at the plant level. The process to generate this product is to take images of the entire field with some over-lap and then stitch them together with image processing algorithms to produce a unified field image. This solution is deployed with a 3rd party fleet of Cessna airplanes and its deliverables are used for creating zones, prescriptions, sampling and scouting events, and more.


Unparalleled high precision image resolution at 0.3-0.5mm per pixel which allows Taranis to capture leaf level imagery, down to a single insect on a leaf. Taranis achieves this using its “forward motion compensation” hardware technology which allows planes to take focused images at low altitudes (~10-30m) without motion blur. It does this using a proprietary pod that can be installed on multiple airborne platforms, such as light sport aircraft and drones, and can hold any off-the-shelf camera to compensate for the 100-mile-per-hour speed of the aircraft by tracking the ground.

Field weather forecast

Taranis is running a unique field-level hyper-local weather forecast; it is 75 times more granular than existing models. You get the field-level information you need to plan, according to a field’s specific condition. By automatically analyzing all the field tasks and cross matching with our accurate field-level forecast, Taranis recommends the most effective timing to act. For instance finding the best planting window. Also, no more wasting costly materials due to unforeseen weather conditions.

Precision applications

Based on a wide variety of information (from satellite images, AI2 insights, yield maps and more), we identify production\management areas within your fields. With Taranis, users can easily create management zones and prescriptions leveraging every data layer you have for a given field or a specific selection based on your agronomic plan.


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